If you love authentic craft & art made by the ethnic minority peoples of Vietnam – you probably won’t find better than this little cabinet de curiosités in Hanoi.
The ‘touristy’ items are near the entrance to the store – you’ll need to delve into the depths to find the real gems – antique & vintage embroidery, textiles, tribal jewelry, old prayer books, traditional clothing, bells, shamanistic & religious objects, animal totems, antique opium-era paraphernalia, wooden & bronze print blocks, large wooden sculptures, porcelain – just about everything actually: but don’t expect to pay pennies for the genuine articles – they are exquisitely handmade, old, and increasingly rare.
The shop is managed by Ms. Hanh (Nguyen Thuy): she is passionate about these beautiful objects & has an encyclopedic knowledge of ethnic culture & craft – a collection of books is also on hand offering even more information if you are interested.
It is wonderful to learn the history & narrative of the piece you are buying.
Open 12-7.30PM each day.
Phone: 098 809 3100 or 043 926 4837
eMail: vantribalheritage@gmail.com
No online sales – only in store!


Very high quality Taoist hand embroidery
Top left – H’mong shaman’s knife – circa 1950 | Bottom left & centre – Yao Taoist paper masks – circa 1920 | Left – stick painting Tay priest North Vietnam


Contact: Ms Hanh (Nguyễn Thúy Hạnh)

Mobile: 098 809 3100 or 043 926 4837

eMail: vantribalheritage@gmail.com

Street address: 26 Hàng Bè St.| Old Quarter | Hanoi |